Back in August of last year we commented on various prairie plantings taking place streetside in Bristol in : The Little Prairie Amongst The Houses – Bristol Roadside plantings

What we had to say was considered quite controversial and even hard at the time. However, since we are nothing if not even handed, we did comment favourably on a particularly stunning plant combination on the Malago Road in southern Bristol. 

 Although we couldn’t show photos and we didn’t reckon to its year round appearance , it had had  us drooling at one point earlier that year and we said so.

So , this year, when Lesley mentioned to me the day before yesterday, that ‘that plant combination’  in Bristol was looking ‘jaw dropping’ I knew exactly which one she meant and made a special detour yesterday.

What a disappointment!

Overnight we had had strong winds and heavy rain.

The rain was welcome, but the combination had sat the Crambe cordifolia down:

reducing its airial height and partly minimizing the impact of the Phlomis russelliana.

Where you could see enough of the structural yellow Phlomis against the nimbus of the crambe the effect was stunning:

The Nepeta was still as good as always:

And it is still a winning combination:

It doesn’t look much for much of the year. And I guess the value we put on the fleeting versus the seviceable in public spaces has to be weighed up quite carefully.

However, were I planning a border  to peak at this time, these plants would be a serious consideration. 

At the moment we are involved in  planning a garden for clients hosting a September wedding, so the idea of a border peaking at a certain time is very much in the air. And that Crambe says wedding.

Too bad about the timing. Guess if this were Chelsea I’d have them in the fridge!