Yes it’s just a granny’s bonnet!

But it’s the equivalent to a statement. Maybe a mite childish, but a statement none the less.

Having been gardening professionally as a Head Gardener for 20 odd years, I sometimes had little choice and sometimes a lot in what happened in the garden.

But, one of the things which  was fairly continuous was that Aquilegias were seen as a nuisance and not very ‘serious’ plants.

Well, life is sometimes a darned sight too serious and a little light heartedness might just make it a more pleasant place to be.

The only gardening I actively do now I do for me. It is a great personal indulgence . And you know what? There are Aquilegias in it!


They frolic.

They smoulder.

And How!

So there you have it: the Common Columbine as a ‘protest statement’.

The former Head Gardener bites back!

Gardens can be  a great and healing vehicle for self expression.