This year ‘A’ , who cuts the grass, strims and edges, has not had the time to cut the verge outside.

‘Am I bovvered?’

Not in the slightest…..


…….when it looks this lovely:

Walking down this suburban road is like a walk in the park.

When it looks this lovely, he’s never going to get to cut it again.

But there’s the rub!

There is a point when it doesn’t and then its kind of tough to get it back.

What was a few minutes with the rotary becomes a strim, a rake and a mow to tidy up.

Actually this is in any case for much of the year a lose, lose situation.

If he cuts it some saddo comes out and moans about ‘the wild flowers’.

If he doesn’t another saddo comes out and talks about ‘a decline in standards’!

As if we were witnessing some kind of moral Armageddon.

This is the point at which I just say ‘Hey, (no pun intended) its beautiful! And remember, we do actually pay the council to cut the verges.’