We make no apology for almost three posts in a row on roses because now is so very much their time. They are moving so fast too. We have gone from 1 flower on the William Lobb to 50 almost in a blink.

But we need not apologise anyway because a garden without a rose is almost not a garden at all!

 Back in the winter time I recorded my battle at the base of ‘The Kiftsgate’. (That has a bit of the sound of Everest about it, does it not? And  well indeed it might!) 

In truth I did little more than tidy the ground it trod on and inspect what Base Camp actually looked like,  in Alas! No sleeping beauty.

Come summer, it is of course a completely different scenario.

I do even less!

I stare at it and sometimes invite people to come and stare at it too:


although these photos were taken just the day before yesterday:

It is even whiter with flower now.

I really don’t recall this volume of blossom before.

Which this year prompted the exclamation from a lady from Haarlem:

‘Lordy, its a Kiftsgate!’

This year the blossom seems to almost pour off it.

It might be cause for concern for some of us that in the shrub border below lies ‘Son of Kiftsgate’:


which seems if anything even more floriferous!

It has already swallowed up a Malus which you can see peeking wanly out of the top!

I wonder how I know that the third instalment of the trilogy will be:

‘Kiftsgate – The Reckoning’ now showing at your nearest multiplex!