‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’

Why am I always quoting Shakespeare these days?

Perhaps because we all quote him far more than we realize.

He is just one of those people.

In Spring our accountant was complaining that his lilac only flowered for 3 weeks. I guess he felt he wasn’t getting his money’s worth!

Actually I would say that 3 weeks was good going.

And I am not sure that things have to flower for that long to justify their postion in the garden. Take Oriental Poppies:

Our friend, L, who can be a bit of a pretentious old woman, looked at our ‘Cedric Morris’ above and moaned in flutey tones:

‘Oh so beautiful, oh so fleeting.’

I ask you!

Each oriental poppy flower, and there are usually many buds if you have chosen well, lasts 3 to 4 days.

How would he get on with ‘Chicago Knockout’?

Well, its a Day Lily so you know how long that lasts.

As for:

Now, no one can say that Tragopogon porrifolius is anything to look at until it seeds. Its foliage is linear, its flower  a dreary purple daisy, but its seedhead is to die for.

And I was able to enjoy this tremulous beauty for half a day at optimum before it was gone with the wind which swept round the side of the building.

It is , as with relationships and many other things, the intensity of the experience rather than its length which matters.