No this is not ‘the gardener goes nude’ while he does the borders!

That would be enough to crack your monitor and mine into a million fragments.

It is just a different approach to the old idea of a herbaceous border.

Different that is for me.

I am sure that other people have been doing this for millenia!

I used to run a large garden, with hundreds of feet of herbaceous borders.

And this Head Gardener drilled and dragooned the borders with as much precision as he drilled and dragooned the staff.

I am sure that the herbaceous plants didn’t hate me as much as the staff did!

But hey, I’m an arian and I can make life changing decisions at a drop of a hat.

My metier now is design. And when I garden now, I do so for pure pleasure.

And my new mood in the garden is ‘relaxez-vous’. There is after all a few wine bars down the road where pleasure can be had too!

In the laid back herbaceous border, annuals and biennials invade and soften:

Even perennials are allowed to seed around:

Just occasionally the old tyrant of a Head Gardener reemerges and they are pulled out where it all gets too much!

I still divide and try combinations, but there is another hand at work: pure chance.