Purple, the colour of power – think Imperial Rome. And passion. Purple prose is not called so for nothing. Heavy, excessive, lurid even.

And purple in the garden needs equal care!

What in Spring was glorious and uplifting :

 can by early July: 

be heavy and dark.

So dark beneath:

that the camera needs flash on a summer ‘s day and all that grows here is the toughest ground cover: Epimedium, Geranium macrorrhizum, Liriope, Luzula, Iris foetidissima and so on.

Yes Mr Copper Beech and I have a love hate relationship. I ‘ve told you the hate.

The love consists of inordinate quantities of leaves which quickly break down into a leafmould so bouncy that it must be like adding champagne to the soil.

The other ‘love’ about it is ‘background’:

It is a sensational background for lime green and soft blues:

egg yolky yellows,

lemon yellows: 

icy whites:

coral, red, silver:

In fact you name it, it works.

Its not restful. Its not harmonious. But used like that it does spark and pzazz by the shed load.

It is altogether a bit how indigenous african ladies can wear the most sensational colours.

May I got the sex wrong and its Miss Copper Beech!