We all find things when we are gardening.

Sometimes its our own debris and sometimes its someone else’s.

I am still hoping to find my father’s secateurs which he gave to me 30 years ago and I lost five years ago.

I have found things that I didn’t lose like: keys, flints, marbles, sharpening stones, a victorian silver sixpence, clay pipes and so on.

But I have never found anything quite like this:

It is 16 cm long

It is heavy at 1.9 kg

Bits of it look like mudstone and others are almost crystaline in texture.

I sent it to the museum, who are maintaining an eerie silence – a bit like communicating with the Marie Celeste!

While I am thinking fossilised dinosaur thigh bone at the very least and international archaeologiocal sensation at the best!

Do you know what it is?