The indoor pool at San Simeon, as on my files, courtesy of flickr.

A blog to check in with, that is if you don’t already, is Architect Design.

Architect Design reports on fine architecture and sometimes gardens associated with such architecture.

He has in his time reported fascinatingly from Petit Trianon and Filoli. 

Having just returned from San Francisco, recent blogs have featured San Simeon.

Now I have been obsessed with San Simeon, William Randolph Hearst’s hill top ranch, since I was a teenager – so, no little time!  This extraordinary complex, stuffed with thousands of ancient artifacts pillaged from Europe, is a testament to Hearst’s eclectic and extravagant tastes.

Garden designers should always be interested in all aspects of design since they all feed off each other. So even an indoor swimming pool is grist to the mill. And this is the indoor swimming pool to end them all, believe me!

Check out his report with amazing photos on the link below: 

The most beautiful room

There is an equally spectacular outdoor pool:

 Again this miniscule print is on my files courtesy of flickr.

But, who knows, he may cover this in the same depth as  the indoor pool in the future.

Hopefully if lots of us follow and clamour we will see more posts by him on this amazing place!