Spotted in the long grass at Castle Hegarty, Lesley’s country seat.

Robert was like ‘Aahh!’ and Lesley was all ‘Grrrrr!’

 And that is the way it is. Raised in rural bliss, I am a townie now and my attitude to animals is nothing less than anthropomorphic.

 I don’t even see foxes in Central Bristol. My raggedy doll, rescue cats, who think I am their full time carer, are as wild as it gets!

Lesley meanwhile adopts a phlegmatic but realistic approach. There is no gun room at Castle Hegarty! But she undertakes a number of rigorous strategems.

I am not privy to the mysteries involved here. But I think they combine subtle plant selection, barriers around some plants until they are established and certain ‘substances.’ She also manages a philosophy which conveys a relaxed certainty that although not every battle will be won, the ultimate victory will definitely be hers.

She also has rabbits.

If catching one didn’t look like it might be hard work, I might be tempted to take one home as a pet. But I have the feeling that Lola and Bet would suddenly unleash the puma within them that they seem all too able to conceal at the moment.

So if rabbits or deer are your problem, Lesley is your gal! Book a consultation and she will initiate you into the dark rites.