We all think that the perfect garden should surround the house, be immediately accessible from it and provide the context for it.

But imagine that you work from home and a garden which is separate but close becomes a little more tempting.

Or it could be sanctuary from the kids!

Or time to put your feet up with a novel

Or just to daydream!

Here at upmarket and salubrious Wells – next – the – sea, although they are making the best they can of the space they have, this house has almost no front garden:


However, directly across the road, even aligned with the front door is this:

A high and dense privet hedge encloses a private space where perhaps a fisherman once stored his lobster pots. The narrow entrance and view of water invites. The very fact that you have to open a gate is important. From the side we can sneak a peek:

A characterful, wind pruned sycamore lolls over a green painted bench framed by terracotta pots of colourful annuals. A gravelled space is punctuated with aromatic herbs to pluck and use within seconds on the barbecue in the corner.

Ok so the people next door have used theirs to park their car, but then some people have no imagination!

The estuary view is of course what this little ‘gardenetto’ is all about, but so is its enclosure, its very separateness.

Imagine turning away from the computer, pouring the first gin of the evening, crossing tiny, quiet street, opening and closing the gate.

Feet up!

Take in the view.


Lesley and Robert