When you are a gardener, there are times when you come to do something, that for one reason or another, you have never had to do before.

At no point in the last 23 years, either when I was Head Gardener or since gardening privately for myself, have I had to lift and divide Pampas Grass. It had just never happened.

I didn’t however, let me stress, feel this was any great lack or that I was short of career experience!

But, I have inherited a clump growing in semi shade with access only to high morning sun – Pampas Grass is a sun lover.

Common sense told me to move it.

Common sense also told me that ,as a ‘dryish conditions’ plant,  I should do it in the Spring, rather than have it sitting round all winter in soggy soil, which its freshly cut rootball didn’t explore.

So come Spring and a real sense of things shifting I got on with it.

Pampas Grass is as tough as old boots right? 

Well I was surprized.

It has been slow, but then I suppose it was a late cold Spring and then we hit hot quite suddenly.

So slow, that in the end, I looked it up in the RHS 4 Vol Dictionary which is the real bible of gardening.

Was there something I had got wrong?

No, I was OK. Spring it was etc etc. Phew!

Slowly one or two of the divisions produced the odd, half hearted wisp of growth. Double phew!

I watered in the heat  and now suddenly today there are real signs of serious growth on all the divisions:

Treble Phew!

Sure it is only Pampas Grass, but no gardener worth their salt likes to be beaten.