Every garden, border or piece of design should have one of these.

No, not literally a Hemerocallis!

But something that is ‘bad taste’.

Its like salt and pepper or paprika dodged on a rather flat and boring dish or angostura bitters dashed into a miffy cocktail.

 It’s fun, it provokes discussion and even the odd shudder. (Well that’s true of the whole of Great Dixter so a bit of a shock  chez vous is fab!)

This is Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Knockout’:

And it may well have. It knocked me out enough to get it from De Vroomen.

I at some point gave my stock to Lesley who adores it in her Hot Border.

She very kindly gave some back to me. Here it is in a rather native streamside of meadowsweet, ferns and rambling hardy geraniums, and cheek by jowl with Geranium psilstemon, which in itself is a combination that The Great Lloyd would heartily approve of.

So go off to the Garden Centre tomorrow and buy something just that little bit outre.

You know you are longing to!

Of course the corollary is that in the rest of your garden your taste has to be spot on!