We have been asked to factor all kinds of elements into garden concepts.

From trampolines and stages for amateur dramatics through ‘tropical’ natural swimming ponds to a secluded bower for alfresco ‘nookey.’ (Our lips are of course sewn up as to who wanted that!) 

But no one had ever asked us to ‘find space’ for half a dozen pigs they thought they might have.

Well the client is always right.

They should certainly have what they want.

Provided that is of course that what they want is legal and decent.

Mmm not sure about that outside bower.

But pigs?

We dug our oh so elegant trotters into the ground and said ‘ Possibly not!’


Because pigs do this:

and this:

They need a lot of rotational space and even in a garden of 3 acres this level of mayhem is hard to deal with.

The smell? We won’t even go there!

What is as noticeable is the fact that fences, electrical or otherwise, do not contain them.

Who invited this one to dinner?:

And if you are returning up the lane to your property and these pigs are yours, its ‘Oh hell!’

If they are not yours and they are coming from the direction of your property its still ‘Oh hell!’

Enough said?

Lesley and Robert