My garden is quite large by contemporary standards so keeping on top of things is a challenge even to a garden designer.

I thought I was doing quite well this year.

And I was!

Lots of mulch on the beds and as a consequence a lot of weeds could be pulled out by hand.

I was catching things before they seeded. So far so good.

Then I noticed a lot of white stuff floating around.

I twigged it was coming from over the garden wall and peeping over saw:

The beige stuff is rose bay willow herb and the taller things studded with white at the top are thistles!

Oh Lord!

X, the owner, is a stubborn old cuss and will enjoy not doing what I ask him to do.

But all is not lost, Mrs S, the local busy body and a parish councillor, will make it her business as soon as she hears about it.

People do what she says just to shut her up!

In the mean time?

Well, it is all going to blow, che ser sera!

Some looking at the bright side is required.

I have loads of mulch ready to go on the borders, I have noticed some teasels coming up exactly where I wanted, and the Eupatorium purpureum by the stream which I thought had been eaten to death is alive and kicking.

All is not lost.