Sure its a Crocosmia!

But this is one of those cases where I don’t have a clue which one.

One of the penalties of having been, in days of old, a Head Gardener, is that people do tend to think you know everything. And if you don’t, you ought to. This would be difficult in many professions. It is extraordinarily difficult if you think in terms of the world’s flora! 

But Crocosmias are one of those plants with which I have had more than a passing acquaintance. Looking at my records from my nursery days which I still have, I find that I sold about 15 different kinds of Cocosmias and it is none of those. 

In my time I also established a very large ornamental Hot Border in which Crocosmias were naturally a key ingredient. My guess is that I probably grew about 20 different kinds and it is none of those.

This particular one was passed on to me by a friend, out of flower, as C. ‘Lucifer’ which plainly it isn’t – much too orange. And ‘Lucifer’ chez moi is a lot more floppy and slightly past its best by now. Whereas this baby is in its prime! 

And that is valuable because with a lot of the late summer, early autumn vibrance still to come August borders can look a little tired and in need of some pep. This has it. 

I am finding it vigorous, but not in the invasive sense.

Just a very strong plant, making dense upright clumps which bulk up quickly and are therefore very quickly divisible. Useful!

I love the juxtaposition with the copper beech in the background. And I think when I do another major hot border Columns of copper beech would be a smart move.  

Does the name matter? For ease of reference I guess. And definitely if you are passing it on some kind of accuracy is useful. 

If I was really fussed and had time on my hands I would know where to suss out such info.

But for the time being its just an ‘enjoy’. 

Internally I will call it Crocosmia ‘Felicity’after the friend who gave it me. 

Thanks Fliss!