A few days ago I talked about dead heading in To Dead Head or Not to Dead Head?

This produced lots of interesting views.

Of course one very key truth is that if you dead head and don’t get your second crop of flower, you have lost your chance of seed. And the seedheads which we are always told we should have for frost effects in the cold winters which it now seems that we are starting to experience once again.

 There is no having your cake and eating it!

As I walked around the garden late the other evening this seemed one clear exanmple where I would leave the flowering stems:

Five weeks ago, Telekia speciosa looked like this:

Now it looks like this;

Now I am still not quite sure that, coming round to yellow tho I am, I like the clotted yellow flower colour of this plant. But I do love these deep brown, flying saucer – like, discs.

I especially like them below juxtaposed with the silvery grey of the Echinops:

Apologies to Edith Hope of  edithhopegardenjournal.blogspot.com  if they look a little tan in the evening sunlight!

I like the combination of senescent and full flower side by side.

This border has in recent years acted like a giant stock bed for the garden and in the coming Autumn is due a shift around. The designer’s garden is often the one to receive the least attention! I want more Telekia in it.

They will also look great with frost on them.

So these seedheads are trebly a save!