Nothing to do with the alternative edge of festival culture!

But what to grow on the edge of managed woodland, where it meets the garden proper?

It needs to be strong enough to make an impression, but must not overawe.

Naturalistic, but not messy.

And tough. Strong enough to grow through ivy. Willing to take the odd hit when Adrian, who is care itself, gets a bit overeager with the strimmer!

I have grown many things both shrubby and herbaceous, from Neillia through to Japanese Anemones, but one of the plants I have recently come round to is good old, common as muck, Hemp Agrimony: 

Sure Eupatorium Cannabinum is a weed, but it fulfils all the requirements.

And is easy enough to yank out if it puts itself where you don’t want it.

After all, what is a weed?  Just a plant in the wrong place!