There is something about summer in the city!

With the dog days of summer upon us, the streets half empty, Lesley away at her cottage in Norfolk and me just dealing with ‘matters arising’ for a week or so.

Time to catch up on some ‘urgent’ reading.

I was therefore this morning browsing Tim Richardson, in the Garden Design Journal for August, arguing that ‘the show garden regime at the RHS is in urgent need of a radical shake up.’

It is page 7 for the cognoscenti.

At the risk of sounding like a virgin newly discovering sex, the answer is Yes, yes, yes!  More please, more!

Alas, the fact is however, that this is the more, and it is the need to continue to say it which is distinctly depressing. The poor guy was definitely on about it last year and probably the year before that. Who knows?

Someone has to say it and he does. 

Chelsea was itself distinctly depressing.

And for a number of reasons.

Tim’s piece rang a bell with me because:

Chelsea Flower Show 2010 – as mad as a barrelfull of monkeys! 

Now, this really concentrated on what it was like as a visitor experience: poor visitor  arrangements for seating and eating fast food, poor organisation of the layout particularly in respect of the show and courtyard gardens, poor crowd control and poor arrangements for fee paying show visitors to look at gardens while tv filming was simultaneously taking place.

In his piece in the journal, Tim rightly concentrates on the  arcane judging side of it.

I wish I could think where, but somewhere else, and if Lesley were around she would be able to tell me (!!), I wrote about some changes to the format which would help make the show garden experience a more ‘design useful experience.’

However, it was something along the lines of:

rationalise and clarify the various categories of garden

judge mainly for design and idea issues

allocate fixed known budgets

set design tasks for a group of designers (young family designs,  eco designs,  concept designs, etc)

and so on and so on……….

3 Cheers Tim for raising the subject again.