The Drive-In Rill Garden.

– well, not literally one hopes!

The September garden magazines plopped deliciously onto the door mat at the weekend.

(At least, I am not sure the rescue cat sleeping on the chair by the front door viewed their arrival with quite the same delight.

But then she does, one senses, rather deliberately put herself in the way of trouble and then greet it with all the outraged drama of a great tragic actress.

Think Bette Davis and you’re there!)

The cover of  ‘The English Garden’ showed:

the drive over rill!

Of course there are pitfalls:

  • accuracy as to driving is essential!
  • if on a routine access path for visitors, there are more H&S issues
  • the ground must be dead level  for a smart finish, unless you provide for waterfalls and circulation within (!)
  • no parking over it with a supperating oil leak in progress please!

But this is churlish.

It would suit those short of space and wanting to make a smart design statement in their driveway.

You would be hampered height wise with regard to emergent aquatics if they were your inclination. But that fragrant minikin of a water lily, Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Helvola’ would take to it like the proverbial.

Thinking of which, if you were to get ducks in it they would have to swim in a line!

I can also see the dwarfer Acoruses such as ‘Hakiro Nishiki’ in there too.

Or else it would be left bare and restrained and minimalist.

Metal grilles, which are bang on, vogue-wise, could be a good way, stilletos aside, of dealing with the safety issues.  

All in all, a neat idea.

It is from the Hampshire garden of Penny and Iain Patton. Their daughter Jessica was responsible for the ground plan. So a real family effort!

The photo is by Marianne Majerus.

I am sure you can tell that I am hoping that with all these credits no one will sue me for plagiarism and breach of copyright.

So go out and buy the magazine for yourselves. 

The English Garden is £3.90 and is packed with ideas, garden visits, know – how and essential reading for those who love gardens.