Anyone who does not grow Phlox in their borders is missing a trick at this time of the year.

This is Phlox ‘White Admiral’, which we love.

Early on, spikes of fresh green leaves, pleasingly arranged on upright stems make good contrast with other foliages in the border.

We grow it in a northish facing border. So it gets a little early and late sun. But the huge benefit is that the sunlight over the wall shines down through the trusses of flower making them luminous:

We believe Phlox ‘David’ is now preferred for its mildew resistance. But we have not experienced any problem with ‘White Admiral.’

The plants get routinely divided every three years, which keeps them growing on well. And is a plus rather than a chore, because in a large garden you can always do with more of this luminosity!

They are heavily mulched each year and also kept well watered in any dry spells.

As you can see they love it!

Happy Bank Holiday! 

Lesley and Robert