Caught on the hoof during a country jaunt this bank holiday week-end were these hedges.

Do they constitute hedges in fact?

 My country-living days are a long way behind me, thank god.

But even I can see they do not look exactly stock proof.


However, if you look carefully they are reinforced with some suitable netting.

What I am liking is the sculptural twisted stems and their dark and menacing strength against the green of the grass.

I also like the fact that while vision is restricted at the upper level it is not at the lower. So what you have is not an all excluding barrier.

It would be intriguing, if time consuming to create the same effect with ornamental plants to achieve the same kind of barrier: private but not all embracingly so.

Of course you could always buy in ready made hedging and prune up the stems.

Fruit trees as cordons or espaliers could be used to the same effect.

But this kind of sculptural strength takes time!