When a group of garden designers visited our garden last winter this was one of the plants which they most exclaimed about:

Good old Pearly Everlasting or Anaphalis margaritacea!

Interesting how the humble is very often the answer!

But since it dries well its stuctural greyness lasts well into the dead of the year.

In this garden it follows on well from a pale Campanula lactiflora.

Earlier it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Well structured grey foliage.

White flowers with the softest yellow centre.

Tolerant of most soils and in fact moister soils than some greys  will deal with.

Great in dry soils.

Adores full sun, but will cope with some shade.

But is there a price to be paid?



Left to its own devices it makes dense clumps so we always grow it in island beds, which can be mown around to limit its flow!

Imagine it sitting in pools around the base of say Irish yews and studded with Nerines  to make a statement avenue!


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