I always had thought that I’d picked my garden design partner very well!

But, I mean to say, is there anything that Lesley cannot do?

She’s a wonderful wife to husband Simon, she has great kids, she designs gardens, she’s a school governor, she plays tennis, she fund raises for her village community.

And blow me down, she can run half marathons too!

On the Bristol Half Marathon yesterday she was running in support of St. Peter’s Hospice, Bristol.

In blue and to the right, she made it look effortless: 

My point and snap is so slow that one snap and she was gone:

I can tell you, because she will be too modest, that she made it in the very respectable time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

And still walked the dogs in the afternoon.

Easily the coolest runner I saw.

And that does matter in the field of design!

Well done Lesley!