I am relieved to see the imposing Joe Pye Weed is OK!

I received a slip of this, Eupatorium purpureum, as a gift two years ago.

I planted it by the stream in perpetually moist soil.

Because when I grew it in a previous garden in heavy garden border soil it was always the first plant to flop in dry spells.

Last year there was no sign of it.

Well, it is a naturalish stream!


this year I have three stems and one in flower.

Our American ‘cousin – gardeners’ will wonder at the fuss, because it is a weed for you guys, right?

Let me introduce you to our weed:

And it is a cousin of your weed: Hemp Agrimony or Eupatorium cannabinum.

It has its purposes, like most plants. I have blogged about using this on the edge of woodland as a softener, but I am quite clear which I prefer as a plant:

I have just cut the flower heads off the Hemp Agrimony to stop it seeding. I am happy with my two or three clumps, but that is enough.

By contrast, I cannot get enough of the elegant foliage and depth of flower colour of the Joe pye Weed. But does it seed around here? Not in my experience.

I wonder whether is will be happier and seed beside the pond or whether it has to be the other side of ”The Pond’!