We clustered round this like a load of stupid designery ninnies.

‘I want it!’

‘No I want it more!’

We were exclaiming over the big boy in the middle:

It didn’t matter any because they weren’t giving it away, for definite.

Who would?

Neat old cast iron water tank with integral water chute. And that of course was the really neat bit.

We could have it all made of course.

But it wouldn’t have that patina of age.

What to do with it?

Make it the midway point in an overflow system off a greenhouse or other gutter.

Have the overflow plash into another tank set in the ground.

Style it appropriately or leave it plain and use it to dunk your can into like a real gardener.

Recycled objets have a clear and sexy role into today’s garden:

Actually we’d have settled for:

What was on either side:

But it was the big boy which was the real mccoy:

And it was the integral water chute which was key.

L and R