Sometimes it is their essential attractiveness which binds us to plants.

Sometimes their practicality – they do a job,no fussing.

Sometimes it is unashamed sentimentality.

In the case of Rosa Bloomfield Abundance it is all three!

 The photos are rubbish – for my silly little cameras, which are always bought for their ability to fit into a pocket, white against dark and sun against shade, are a big ask.

But you will get the message – its dead simple!

The photo below was taken on the 16th July:

Easy for a rose to do its stuff then – they were all doing it so well.

The photo below, was taken on September 12th:

There was a bit of a gap, but now it is back on the case pretty convincingly. And it will always have a flower, at least one, fully out now until the depths of December.

I call that pretty good going.

Of the flowers themselves Austin says ‘ large, open sprays of the most perfect blush – pink miniature Tea Roses.’

The flowers are complex, but fluffy rather than quartered.

I find the scent light and refreshing, rather than the dense, opium – like addiction of some roses.

Fantastic, tall and airy against the yew hedge here. And as Austin says it would be good in a mixed border.

Its other assets are that it is easy to grow, disease resistant and easy to prune

This is not one of those roses which you dread pruning because your barbour gets irretrievably caught and ripped in it. There are very few thorns and they are not bad ones.

Of the sentiment?

It grew by the front door when I was a child – I say no more!