Change is in the air.

The lazy, hazy, slightly blown garden of late summer begins to zing in early autumn.

Our choice of favourites is again limitless.

In fact we could show you as many plants as The Sun could tell you secrets that you didn’t know about Cheryl Cole.

But instead here are just  seven stars in the September garden: 

Rudbeckias, the very essence of these sunny days – easy, long flowering and hard to beat for cheer.

Miscanthus sinensis, The Maiden Grass, foliarly elegant all summer, reaches its feathery crescendo.

White Anemones and the breezes of this time have a love affair. They are everywhere, but why dismiss the commonplace, when nothing works any better?

Cyclamen neapolitanum – a sugar-laden shot in the arm for border fronts or naturalized in turf. Marbled foliage follows for winter groundcover.

The crispness of an apple off the bough. Enough to turn us all into fruitarians – love the way these apples seem to be falling!

But the early colouring of the Acer tips signals the way it is all heading.

Oh, and the seventh!

Haster la vista, baby!