I am forever teasing Lesley about her Bay Tree.

It is always immaculate!

Never a hair out of place.

Like a busby on parade.

And then, low and behold, when I visited early last week it actually looked quite unkempt. The top in particular was quite ragged:

I tackled Lesley about this head on. After all this sort of thing reflects on our partnership.

She explained that Richard, her gardener, was busy with the preparations for his forthcoming wedding and it must have slipped his mind.

Well I guess that kind of explains it. 

But as a great aunt of mine used to say ‘We can’t have a decline in standards. Otherwise we all know where we will end up!’ At this point she would look very Maggie Smith – you know, kind of dramatically meaningful. Only I didn’t understand the meaning.

But all is now well again.

I should have known the inestimable Richard would have it covered.

On Friday when I turned up the busby was being trimmed:



Order is restored.

Good luck with the wedding Richard.

If you look as smart as the Bay Tree your bride will be well impressed!