Of course every garden is, in some way, a sensory garden.

But the spiritual healing payback from sensory plants makes them particularly relevant in hospice care.

So a sensory garden features strongly in our designs for Weston Hospice in Weston super Mare.

Yes we know it doesn’t look very healing yet!

But, big projects take time to implement.

Particularly in the planning, finance and tender stages.

However….the good news is….

the diggers have arrived!

And implementation of our design for the Main garden at Weston Hospice Care, below:

is now well and truly underway.

The design features:

curvaceous raised sensory beds, which you can begin to see emerging below:

These will be densely planted with swathes of perennials and grasses to shimmer with colour and movement.

Hospice patients will be able to see the plants at eye level if they are in a wheel chair and touch and smell them too.

Within these borders will  be large seating nooks to enjoy privacy and views:

We have been appointed by Weston Hospicecare to oversee implementation of our design to completion:   

It’s all beginning to happen.

And we are seriously pleased with progress!

L and R