As the days crisp up,

the old guy next door begins his endless bonfires of damp leaves

and the sun sinks lower,

the appearance, big time, of the border daisies is a poignant reminder of all we are losing.

The real, reason for showing you this collection was:

Helianthus decapetalus. Late to flower, this lemon and lime ‘looker’ is a no-nonsense perennial for the back of the border.

It has sat there all summer, giving background and now it is showtime!

The golden boss in the center of the flower gives a two tone vibrance. 

It will cool, slightly, hot colour schemes and conversely jazz up, slightly, cool ones.

It is behind an Aster – don’t ask me which, because its inherited, but its blessedly diease resistant, which is all important with the aster tribe:

The Aster/Helianthus combo works better than this photo shows, because the Aster is actually slightly more mauve than the violet pink which this photos suggests.

I guess I should have a play on photoshop for accuracy but its 6.30am and ……..!

Lemon and mauve is an increasingly pleasing combination for me.

Leaning in from the left is an airy waft of the white flowered Boltonia asteroides, which kind of binds the two together.

For all that one wants succession in the border, Bang, Bang, Bang – like a well organised firework display- one also wants, indeed needs, to have simultaneity.

And this trio of daisies, all flowering at once, makes me smile.

Especially since they are tough, easy and don’t need staking!