In a sunken recess

beside a formal stretch of grass

which was once a tennis court

languish these three treasures from the past.

I do wonder when they last moved: 

I am quite certain that in Edwardian times the court resounded to cries of  ‘Good shot!’ and ‘Well played, old girl’:

The good times lingered on  for a while, but time and events changed everything.

Two sons from the Big House died in the trenches.

Death Duties began to bite deep.

And while in the 20’s ‘Lawns for Sports’ by Reginald Beale FLS still stoutly maintained that ‘for fast games a hard surface is essential’  and advised different weights according to the season, by the 40’s  ‘Practical Lawncraft’ by R. B. Dawson M.Sc., F.L.S., F.R.H.S. was rather dismissive of the roller.

And in any case who could be found and paid and patronized enough to push it.


So, I figure they haven’t moved since the 1930’s.

It would be fun to get these big beasties on the prowl again.

But we would have to funk up the concept.

There are after all robotic lawn mowers:

If fitted with sensors and photo voltaic cells and completely computer controlled:

these guys could move to a new techno beat.

On a sea of astro turf, like a modern art installation, they could as we chose zip speedily, weave elegiacly or we could programme them to go completely bonkers and chase each other.  

Let the good times roll once again!